My wife Mem and I own and manage LOST Homestay Resort in Khoa Yoi, Phetchaburi, Thailand. Mem is Thai and I am originally from the UK, we met around 18 years ago and have been happily married for the last 16. We share our life stories on our YouTube Channel, Land of Smiles Thailand, to entertain and inform while building a community of people who share similar interests. We present pertinent information that we hope helps people visiting or living in Thailand to understand cultural differences and overcome any barriers that may cause issues.

We do not pretend to know it all, in fact, some of the fun is in the finding out. Above all else, we pride ourselves in bringing people together from all over the world, with many subscribers who have gone from being channel commentators to good travelling friends.

While Thailand will obviously feature on this vlog, this is not the main aim of the site and I look forward to reviewing many of the gadgets that are 'essential in life' things such as the latest gimbal (which I will never use). And also intend to build a new Youtube Channel where the content may be unrelated to Thailand and give me the freedom to explore my own interests outside of the Thailand genre.




I have visited Thailand for the last twenty years and even spent a few years living here while teaching scuba diving. I also spent three years doing the same job (if you could call it that) in Malaysia and never really wanted to return to my native UK, but circumstances meant that I had to. I am now back in Thailand with a new mission in mind, and plan to travel as much as possible and share my experiences along the way. 

I love to travel on my Honda Forza 300 scooter and visit places that are somewhat off the normal tourist routes, even for Thai people. The roads themselves can be a little intimidating at times but the vast majority are in excellent condition, the drivers and motorbike riders also keep you on your guard when riding. I also enjoy travelling  on public transport and particularly the overnight trains and buses.


I also enjoy photography and video creation and editing of these, I am improving in this area but am far from being an expert. As part of this vlog/website I intend to write and make video content surrounding my whole experience here in Asia but also test and review photographic and IT gear. 

I hope you join me on my journey.



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