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Honda PCX 150cc (2019 Model)

The Honda PCX is a scooter aimed at the top end of the mid engine scooter range and as

such it has sleek body lines giving it a sporty look. The 2020 model includes Honda SMART Key remote control which allows for key-less starting and also includes a theft alarm and a locator button which could be useful in packed scooter parking area.

Full LED lighting looks impressive although these were not tested under night time conditions so Honda's claim that these are superior to the competition will have to be taken as intended. Turn signals are highly visible and the tail lights bright and clear.

Alloy wheels which are also available in a gold option along with Michelin tyres supplied as standard give the scooter an impressive look and gives the rider some confidence regarding handling. A 220mm front disc along with the Honda Combi-braking system makes braking smooth and spreads the braking force equally between the front and rear tyres, this certainly felt good and although full braking force was never applied I felt confident that it would deliver if needed.

A fully digital dashboard including speedometer, oil change warning light, digital time clock, SMART Key light, trip-meter and a digital fuel gauge are user friendly giving clear information to the rider. The switch gear is the standard Honda layout and buttons all feel solid and good quality.

The seat lifts to reveal a very impressive amount of storage room which in this instance stored a helmet as well as a small toolkit and still had space left over for a few groceries. The lockable glove compartment could hold valuables and includes a 12v charging port.

For me personally the riding position was very natural but as I am only 5'82 or 172cm tall this could be very different for someone who is taller. The mirrors provide a decent view to the rear without being able to eliminate blind spots and the seat was comfortable. The engine responded very well to any turn of the throttle and up to around 90kmph acceleration was smooth, after this things started to slow down a little heading towards the claimed top speed of 112kmph. The handling of bends was excellent for a bike of this size and it gave the impression that it would be able to handle wet conditions well.

The engine seemed to cope well with me but I only weigh around 75kg and I am a little unsure how it would cope with a heavier person or even a rider and pillion. The pillion has there own footrests that fold away neatly when not required, the tail section of the PCX also features a pillion grab-rail. This also makes putting the scooter onto the centre stand a very easy process, the sidestand also feels very sturdy.

I would class the PCX as a city/town runaround bike as amongst other things it is very nimble and requires very little in the way of parking space; for longer journeys I would think the scooter would be capable of completing these, but whether a trip of any distance would be enjoyable is another matter. The fly-screen offers little in the way of protection from the elements and to some extent even deflects any wind directly at your helmet.

Overall a great little scooter which doesn't pretend to be anything other than a high end option for those considering buying a mid engine range bike, the 150cc engine would also be an advantage over a 125cc although this actually wasn't too noticeable.

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