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Khunyuam Resort, Ban Khun Yuam

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

On road 108 between Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son lies the small town of Khun Yuam, I was arriving after a four night camping trip to Doi Inthanon National Park and had chosen this town purely because because of its location. I looked on Booking.com and was given a limited number of options and I decided on Khunyuam Resort, mainly because of its high review score.

Using my E6 Intercom helmet headset I followed the directions of Google Maps until it asked me to turn off the road and onto what seemed like a farm track, I thought it must have been wrong which is quite common when riding around Thailand. A little further along the road it again asked me to turn onto another track which this time I followed, both these tracks take you approximately 500m from the tarmac road and lead you to Khunyuam Resort. The resort is approximately 4km from the town of Khun Yuam which seemed to be quite a bustling little place with lots of shops and a nightly food market. When I first pulled up it looked nothing like the place that I had seen online but I quickly realised that the access road was to the rear of the resort and in effect the main buildings were below this level.

There are two options of rooms although only one of these seem to appear on Booking.com, what appears to be newly built luxury rooms do not feature on the site but the budget twin or double room start from around 600 Baht per night and includes a light breakfast (Toast/jam coffee/tea) although a large Western style breakfast was also available for I believe 100 Baht.

I stayed in one of the budget rooms for a total of three nights and although the room was basic, it was very clean and had everything that I needed to be comfortable. Wifi was good throughout the resort and coffee was always available. Without a doubt though the selling point of the resort is the view from the balcony, stunning is possibly the best word to describe it. Views looking out over farmland and then distant mountains give the place a wow factor, the sunrise, mountains and fields all come together in the morning to produce something almost magical. The bed was very comfortable and much appreciated as this stay was sandwiched between two stints of camping.

The owners were very attentive, the husband spoke good English and made sure I had everything I needed throughout my stay. Although I ate at the local market and in the surrounding areas I was asked if I would like to have an evening meal in the restaurant, it appeared that there was no set menu but food would be provided on request. Again the owners were good at giving all the information needed about the surrounding area and they always seemed to be available if you needed anything, all this without being overbearing.

Surprisingly, on the opposite side of the entrance road is a small wooden Christian church, which adds a little something to the relaxing vibes that the resort seems to give out. There are also many cats throughout the resort most of them are friendly but others keep their distance.

This resort is not in an area of mass tourism, in fact the vast majority of Westerners will never see this part of Thailand, this is a pity because it is a wonderful part of the Kingdom. However, the area is popular with cyclists and motorcyclists due to its location at the lower end of the Mae Hong Son Loop. As with Mae Sariang I was impressed with the regions natural beauty and the friendly people, Khunyuam Resort was a very comfortable stay and one I would repeat if ever in the area again, the owners were excellent and the rooms large and comfortable, but the views!

m the camping area on the mountaintop a magnificent sunrise can be viewed.

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