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When I lived in the UK I was a collector of gadgets and everyday items, although since moving to Thailand I had to sell or give away a lot of my old collections.

Some collections or at least parts of collections came with me, but since settling down here, I have had that much happening that I found it difficult to even think about starting up again, up until now that is. Most of the settling in process has been completed and with te building finished (for now at least) and Mem running the resort, I am starting to get some free time again so have recently started trawling through what items I still have. I have also started to look at collectors and hobbyists who I used to view regularly on YouTube and this has got me into the frame of mind to maybe start again, possibly on a smaller scale though.

Back in the UK, my largest collection which also took the longest period of time to build was a quite valuable assortment of Scalextric cars, yes electric toy slot cars.

Mini HaHa Set mint condition inside but damaged box

Over a 20 year period I managed to acquire over 300 rare cars, all of which were working models. I also gathered some 20 complete original sets in the boxes and many accessories. Sadly I let them all go as the weather in Thailand would have degraded the plastics.

Here are some of cars dating back to the 60’s

My biggest regret was my watch collection.

Although most of my collection was replicas it spanned 8 years of collecting and I had amassed some 80 watches.

Due to most being replicas, I did not want to take the risk of bringing them to Thailand in case they got seized.

I sold 90 percent and kept a few of my favourites. A collector contacted me and whilst looking at the watches he also spotted my large original Seiko collection and made me an offer that I felt I could not refuse, in hindsight I really wish I had kept the Seiko collection.

I also had collections of Pens, Cigarette Lighters and Knives. Below is a photo of some of the lighters I kept, at one point I had over 300 and sold most before moving. I doubt I will start collecting these again.

Pens have always played part in my collections and again I did have a huge collection of replica models which had to go. I did keep some of the original pens that I had amassed but the collection is less impressive than it used to look with replicas. I also sold some of the originals that I had including the most valuable pens such as my small collection of Montblanc fountain pens.

Hearing the term Every Day Carry mentioned on YouTube sparked a big interest for me as I have always been a collector of these kinds of gadgets, even though being from the UK I had previously never heard the term. Pens, knives, and lighters were all a large part of the American EDC scene and this got me interested in the YouTube genre concerning knives.

It was for this reason that I started to sourcing them from all over the world, and built up quite a collection, but again before I moved here I had to sell most of them due to the legal requirements surrounding importing knives into Thailand being so complicated it was not worth the risk to try and guess which ones could be legally imported.

This however is one collection I think I will resurrect and start again here in Thailand as well as the watches. This article was just to show my previous involvement in collecting and one of my current plans is to build a new YouTube Channel which will feature reviews of such items I thought a brief history would be relevant.

I already own Land of Smiles Thailand a YouTube Channel which concentrates largely on Thailand but I do not want to confuse the genres so along with Barry I will be starting a separate channel BaS-Vlog-it which is open to subscriptions now, although it presently only has test footage

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