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Relive Your Journey With Relive

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This app was found when we needed a better solution than Google Maps to show the routes we had taken in some of our moto-vlogs. The app is not a route planning device so does not in any way aid you with navigation, what it does do is track your route and once completed renders a 3D interactive video which is a highly visual representation of your travels.

Originally created by keen cyclists, Relive allows you to easily capture the highlights of a days travelling whether that is motorcycling, running, kayaking, skiing or a whole host of other forms of travelling. The app is stored in your phone or alternatively data can be retrieved from one of the following compatible trackers.


Garmin Connect

Adidas Running by Runtastic


Under Armour

Polar Flow


Ride with GPS

The app has a free version and also a paid version which is known as Relive Club currently costing US$38.99 per year, there is also a monthly membership available at $6.99 per month. The differences between the two will be explained later but after using the free version for one ride I knew I would be upgrading to the Relive Club.

After downloading the app from Google Store I completed the required account details and then chose the preferred setting of motorcycling, different activities may have differing highlights associated with them, for motorcycling this is top speed. I then turned the app on pressed the record button and set off on a ride around the local mountains, On returning to base I followed the on-screen instructions and added some comments to the photo's and then pressed create video and waited approximately two minutes for Relive to create my first video.

I took possibly six photos on the ride and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video created for me. However, on second glance I wasn't totally happy with the finished article and realised that a few settings on my phone needed to be changed and also that I should probably have took more photo's. You do get the option to edit the finished article although some options such as taking video's are limited to the paid version.

After this I upgraded to the club version and the following day took another trip around the same mountains with my phone better set-up, and armed with what I had found out on the first ride I took more photo's. The video quality was not very good but again this may have been down to my settings although this will have little place in future videos anyway. I added a few basic comments and the result is below for you to see. Relive with Club membership also allows you to add (Moments) photos or videos that were not included in the journey, so if poor weather meant no shot of a landmark you could use an alternative source and still include it in the finished video.

This app was bought just before the social distancing began due to the Corona Virus and so it has not as yet been tested as much as it should have been. It was very easy to set-up and this comes from someone who has no affinity towards using a mobile phone. It is available for both Android and IOS and can also create trips based on data you may already have stored in your associated tracker.

Apart from the video quality the only improvement I would like to have seen was allowing editing in the related PC interface, as far as I am aware all editing can only be done in the mobile app although the completed videos can be accessed through a PC.

The following information is straight from the Relive site and gives the major differences between the two versions.

Can I customise my Relive video?You can customise your Relive video in the following ways:

  • Add photos, live-photos, and videos (Relive Club only) to your Relive video.

  • Add the friends you want to appear in your Relive video.

  • Add notes & emojis wherever you want. Tell the whole story behind your adventures.

  • Add a song (Relive Club only) to your Relive video.

  • Add a title to your Relive video.

  • Tap Create and your Relive video will be rendered. This can take up to 2 minutes, you'll be notified when the video is ready to view!

Can I change my Relive videos? Making changes to Relive videos that have already been created is a Relive Club feature. Relive Club members can use the app to edit and re-create their Relive videos as often as they like.

How many photos and videos are allowed in my Relive video?

  • There is a limit of 10 photos per Relive video, raised to 50 photos and/or videos for Club members.

  • Club members can upload videos with a maximum total time limit of 60 cumulative seconds.

  • Slo-mo videos or other effects applied to your videos won't preserve in your Relive video. The phone saves the original video file separate to the applied effect. Relive only uses the original video.

What are Moments?

A Moment can show photos, videos (Relive Club only), a note, an emoji or all combined. With Relive Moments you can share all the highlights of your activities - that summit you’ve reached, a perfect coffee break or the breathtaking view you enjoyed. You can create your Moments in the app and these will appear in your Relive video.

  • Edit your moments by adding a note, emoji, photos and videos.

  • Move your moments by tapping the 'Edit' link in the Moment. Now you can tap the pencil icon on the timeline to move this Moment along your route.

  • Create new moments by tapping the [+] button in the lower right corner. Scroll the timeline for the right position, tap ‘Set location’ and create your new moment.

Can I add a privacy zone?

You can create a privacy zone within Relive to hide the location where you start or finish an activity.

  • If you start or finish an activity in a privacy zone, this location will be hidden.

  • If you pass through a privacy zone during an activity, this location will not be hidden.

  • Your privacy zones only apply to you. If other users start or finish their activity in your privacy zone, this location will not be hidden from group activities.

  • The statistics of your activity exclude your privacy zone(s), therefore your total distance might be less than you expected.

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