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The New iPad Pro 12.9" 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

Should I buy it?

18 months ago. I converted totally to Apple. It was a big move considering I have always been a windows guy. For the past three years, I have been working hard to build my Youtube Channel up to its current 37,000 Subscribers. All of this on a Windows PC and Windows software.

My Samsung Android phone broke and I found myself buying an Apple iPhone 6s with i0S on it. At first, I struggled to get it set up and talking to my PC, but I got there eventually. Next as always, my PC needed a new graphics card, then the power supply went. One problem I found with a PC is that I was always upgrading it, my old Dell laptop then packed up. At this point, I opted to buy a refurbished Apple Macbook Air from an Apple dealer. One year later we moved to Thailand and at this point, I decided it was time to upgrade the PC. I did it in style, I bought a DJI Mavic Air drone and a Mini iPad 4 as a monitor, I then bought the best lmao 27" computer I could afford and the move to Apple was complete. Two years on, and I am totally loving Apple products. From the packaging, they come in, to the customer service, the Apple Care, and the great looking equipment itself.

Now it's April 2020 and my Macbook Air gets too hot and a bit slow when I am outside here in Thailand. My YouTube channel is still growing and it's time for me to start travelling. I want to be able to Livestream from outside and even be able to run my channel from a hotel room or in a cafe. I wear glasses for reading and I am also slightly Dyslexic. A mobile phone is just to small, I also fell in love with the Apple pencil when I tried one out in a state. After watching over fifty YouTube videos on the new iPad 2020 launch, I started to investigate if the new iPad Pro could, at last, replace a laptop.

Two models are available 11" and 12.9" and there is not a huge difference in price. The new Macbook Air seems to still have some overheating problems, this scared me. When you actually add up the cost of the iPad with good size memory, the new $300 Keyboard case, and my prefered 12.9-inch model then the cost is much higher than the new Macbook Air.

When you buy editing software and photo software it is more expensive on the Macbook and iMac because it is the full-blown versions. These companies of late have been creating Apps for the mobile phone market and now for tablets. the price though is so much lower.

As an example, Photoshop from Adobe is $10 per month, but for the pad it's $10 for life. If like me. you have bought this for your iMac then its free for your iPad. how good is that? I use Filmora for editing on my iMac but there is not an App version. No problem as so many editing suites are similar to use once you have learnt basics. With all of this in mind. I started to calculate the costs of the hardware and software. $1,500 with the memory I wanted including all software. I expect this iPad to last me 5 years and when I break that cost down over that time it is not too bad. Before I finally pulled the trigger I needed to figure out what else I would need to Livestream from the iPad. Luckily I already have a lot of equipment all of which will work mainly down to the fact Apple has, at last, got rid of the lightning port in favour of the new USB-C. This is great news as so much tech these days can use it directly or through a supported hub. It has reached that time and I have finally bought the iPad over a new Macbook Air Laptop. I am sat here now handwriting this first part of my review with the Apple pencil 2. a 12-9" iPad Pro 256GB wifi version using GoodNote 5 software. I will add to this review in a month and let you know how I am getting on.

Interested in any of the products please click on the link below, any purchase made from this link will earn a small commission. It will not alter the price you pay for the product.

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